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Meeting of 29th September 2010

FFC Disabled Supporters Club meeting at the Falkirk Community Stadium.

John Scobbie, Stewart MacNeil, Pauline Scobbie, Nichola MacNeil, Gail Scobbie, Ross MacNeil, Ronnie Bateman, Peter Jack, George Williamson, William Kinsella, Diane Williamson, Robert Stirling, Lorna Smith, John Easton, Bruce Smith Cheryl Easton, Jack Howie, Tom Paterson
Murray MacIntyre

Introduction of the Committee
The chairman introduced the committee members to all those present.

Minutes of Last Meeting
The chairman read out the minutes of the previous meeting and these were
deemed as correct.

Proposer: Pauline Scobbie Seconded: William Kinsella

The ratification of the constitution will be carried forward to the next meeting.

All those present discussed the prospect of charging an annual fee for Membership Subscriptions to the DSC. It was suggested that this be set at £5.00 per annum with a degree of flexibility built in.
Proposer: William Kinsella
Seconded: George Williamson

Car Parking
It was brought up that in the Disabled Parking area adjacent to the South Stand, there were still problems. Blue Badge holders are parking in the bays reserved for Falkirk Disabled Permit Holders (yellow coloured permit), which causes an adverse effect when permit holders arrive. It was the opinion of all those present that we contact the head steward and invite him to the next meeting so that we could discuss the matter. Those who have permits to park on the Red Ash area complained that there was a lot of confusion as to where their parking spaces were positioned. Some supporters are having to park well down this area on wet days which, in turn, causes extra difficulties for those in wheelchairs or with mobility problems. It was mentioned at the meeting that the Ambulent supporters could contact the DLO (Disabled Liason Officer) at Falkirk FC to acquire an “access pass”, which enables the person to enter the ground through the wheelchair entrance at the South Stand Gate instead of having to tackle a number of stairs leading to the main foyer in the main stand.

Team Sheets
It was asked wether it is possible to obtain copies of the “Team Sheet” and having them placed in the meeting area (warm-up room), prior to “Kick Off”.

Admission Pricing
All present discussed the possibility of charging “Away” disabled supporters entry to football games held at FFC. It was decided that we would contact all other 1st Division clubs to assess their admission polocies prior to making a
final decision. Action.

Achievements to Date
We have secured the “warm-up” area as a meeting point prior to “Home Fixtures”. Here, the Disabled and their carers can have a tea or coffee. Those with season tickets seated in the Main Stand can also place their order for “Half-Time” refreshments. These items will be brought to their seat at Half- Time. The meeting area is available from 1415-1445hrs (approx). With prior arrangement with the Match Commander it is now possible for any Disabled person who is recieving

Hospitality on Match Day to watch the game from the Hospitality area.
The caterers have also offered to help with any other requirements the Disabled Supporter may have.

All those present thanked Tom Paterson for organising the meeting area and for finalising the Hospitality Suite access.

Date of next meeting: Wednesday 3rd November 2010 1900hrs (7pm).

The meeting was closed.


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