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Monday 17th March 2008, 7.30 p.m.
Falkirk Community Stadium




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Free Bairnstrust Toolbar

BairnsTrust Toolbar

Searching is the most popular application on the Web, and Google is the most popular search engine. Our all in one free community toolbar comes with the Google search engine which can be used directly from the toolbar. Also included is a News Ticker to provide up to date news, and we deliver online radio stations, so if you cannot make the match you can still be kept up to date. Radio stations to choose from include BBC Scotland, Five Live, Sky Sports Live Scores, Talksport, and various other sports channels.

There are Links to football related sites making them easier to access, for example:

Official FFC web site, BBC Sport (Falkirk Page), One F, Pie 'n Bovril

Get messages from BairnsTrust in real time!

View local weather forecasts in the toolbar

The toolbar supports both Internet Explorer and Firefox which are the main internet browsers used on the BairnsTrust website.

No spyware is included in this download

Included is an Uninstall facility, so if you decide to remove the Toolbar, the uninstall application leaves no traces of it on your PC.

Why not try it today, you have nothing to lose as this is a FREE download.

Download button

Just click on the above image, go to the left hand side of the page click the Download Toolbar button, it installs in a few seconds, it's as easy as that. Organising you links will be so much easier.

The nature of this toolbar is that it can easily be adapted to its users - if you have any good links or ideas that would benefit other users please email so its inclusion may be considered. Comments and suggestions are always welcome!



Although every reasonable effort is made - total vetting of linked sites is simply impossible. Therefore it must be clearly understood that BairnsTrust accept no responsibility for the content of these external sites. It should also be noted that BairnsTrust will not be held responsible for any loss, damage or inconvenience caused as a result of any inaccuracy or error by use of this toolbar.




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